Meet the Road Crew

It always amazes me how a mixed up group like this can do such a great job in getting our shows together and interact like family. They are a great bunch of dedicated westerners at heart. I wouldn't trade them for a million dollars, but just don't offer me a million and one dollars.

Without their support and dedication our shows and parades would not be possible.


Does most of the tour driving and sets up at events for meet & greet appearances

Miss Kitty

Silvers on the road caretaker - All around pleasant do everything type of person


The Events Booking Manager and schedules the tour route and stabling for Silver


Located in Wilmington, DE

Helps when he can as
Parade Assistant, Gun reloader and also dresses
as Tonto and Butch Cavendish, actor

John Reid


The Lone Ranger


Sound Technician, set up assistant
and actor


Kirsten Willey

Silver's personal trainer

Come on give us a smile :)

This is a fun hobby for us - -- We gotta have some fun and laughs!
We all hope to see you along the way as we travel through your town and in the towns when we do a show.