We have received more compliments than we can possibly list on this fansite page. Ocassionally we will be replacing these with other compliments. Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

It was an honor to meet you at Bryson City, North Carolina. My two sons, Levi and Will are now big Lone Ranger fans. Thank you for the personal note from you in the diner car to the boys. The waitress gave it to them after you left. They had no idea that The Lone Ranger would dining close to them disguised in street clothes.That was very special. The picture we got will always remind them of that special time. I will remind them of the Lone Ranger creed as I feel it expresses what is best in people. Levi wants to say: “I made a mask out of black paper and tomorrow I will dress up as the Lone Ranger and I like the Lone Ranger better than trains now”. We look forward to seeing you again. Thanks for the memories! Ride on and HI YO Silver!

The Bishops
Atlanta, GA

So many of us enjoyed having you visit us at the Allentown Fair Grounds in Pennsylvania. I have been a "Lone Ranger Fan" since childhood. I was the grey haired guy with the framed membership card and badge. You are doing a "Great Job". May the spirit of The Lone Ranger be kept alive for years to come. It was great meeting you and Silver.

Bill Albert
Catasauqua, PA
5- 22-2009

I would like to thank you for coming to the SPCA fundraiser in Winchester. Your appearance was a wonderful addition to this event.

Sheriff Lenny Millholland
Winchester, VA

I would like to personally thank you for your participation with our recent 17th Annual Hoiliday Parade and Toy drive in Greenbelt. Because of your enthusiasm, support and participation it was a great success. If possible I would like to schedule you for future events.

A. Hughes
Beltway Plaza Mall
Greenbelt, MD

Just wanted to shoot an email to you and thank you for what you are doing. I have been a Lone Ranger fan for many years - my dad and I would watch Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels together every week. I am 57 now, but still get chills (and choked up) when I hear that William Tell Overture. Just to see you on that steed does my heart good. I never got to meet Clayton. I plan on attending one of your functions you will make an aearance at - hopefully we can chat. Thanks agian, for bringing back a true American hero.
J. Miller
Lieutenant K-9
Thornton, PA

I am very proud to know a man like you whos is keeping the legend of The Lone Ranger alive...and all that his character stands for...You look stunning in your outfit sitting tall in the saddle as the masked legend (and what a saddle - it's by far the best one anyone out there uses). When you look in the mirror completely decked out in the attire of The Lone Ranger...you can say with confidence "I AM THE LONE RANGER"... and you know what ...you are!! God bless you in all that you do .
Chris McCallum
Mesquite, TX

To: The Lone Ranger - I am forwarding you an email I sent to the Mayor of Ocean City, MD

May 12, 2009

Dear Mayor Meehan;

Just returned from vacationing at Ocean City, Md.

Reviewing the local paper and news channel we came upon the "Lone Ranger" appearance to be held at the OC Library. I want to let you know - this was Great!!! A most positive event that I trust you will continue to hold.

The news article reported that your Town Council voted 6 to 1 and there was discussion regarding the use of The Lone Rangers' Guns. Whoever placed the dissenting vote has little regard for the experience(s) of the children, both young & old that attended and enjoyed this event. Bah humbug to them.

The Lone Ranger stood for Truth, Justice and the American Way. He always fought for the Freedoms we so enjoy. Politicians come and go -- as do their petty ideals and personal agendas. As a lifelong Marylander, whose family helped found this Great State, defend this State and Nation and as fan of heros [so sorely needed] in these times, I hoped, to not only meet The Lone Ranger that day - but, to understand the controversy.

Well I must say, the library staff and volunteers did a remarkable job. And The Lone Ranger and his group could not have been more positive.

My only disappointment was not seeing any representation of your council as The Lone Ranger presented his message(s).

However, I will never forget the fact that the Ocean City Council contained at least one with such poor mindset regard and concern for what was an event that promoted Patriotism, Lore of the Old West, Aninal Care, Storytelling and yes, even our 2nd Amendment.

I am thankful that the majority of your council allowed me to view such a positive show in these times without constraint.

Most Sincerely,
Charles E. Bevard
Hampstead, MD
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