This page will feature pictures from some of the events and parades. Check back often to see if your hometown event might be listed here with pictures.

Bethlehem, PA - BASD Stadium - Football - Half-time show featuring The Lone Ranger & Silver riding out on the field carry the FLAG with the band playing the William Tell Overture

Baltimore, MD - Pimlico Raceway, getting ready for a meet and greet at their western day event.

Catonsville, MD - In parades the kids crowd around several rows deep

Severna Park, MD
- The Lone Ranger ready for a parade and his road manager, Dakota

Along the Parade route adults and kids love to talk with him and get close to Silver

Greenbelt, MD - The local Fire Department turned out to see The Lone Ranger after the Parade and assisted in helping him get set up to do a meet & greet with the crowd. He also did the unveiling of The Lone Ranger Stamp for the United States Postal Service..(right picture)

Princeton, IN - Roy Rogers Festival, meeting and greeting with the Fans at the show

Check back again to see pictures of other events.