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with his white horse named Silver

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Since 2005 I have enjoyed being a Lone Ranger look alike and impersonator at appearances and parades with my white horse named Silver for over 11.7 million people.

The closet you can get to the original authentic looking Lone Ranger and Silver in the USA without a Time Machine as portrayed by Clayton Moore from 1949 through 1957.

Often I am asked why do you do this?
My first purpose in doing this is to bring to the public an authentic replica of the original appearance of The Lone
Ranger and Silver that was done by Clayton Moore and John Hart.

It has not been easy getting replicas made of the entire costume together for you the public to see and enjoy. From my hat to my boots hand made replicas. Anything less would not be acceptable. Although it has been more expensive than I ever thought it would have been.

Plus my horse had to meet the criteria of the great horse Silver with his silver saddle and tack (all made in 1957 and is a collectors item). A large white horse (16 hands) with a pink nose, dark spot under his eyes, white mane and tail with natural hooves. This is how the original Silver appeared and yes my horse has all of these traits. (Now on my 2nd Silver) In my opinion no one can be The Lone Ranger without the true white horse.

Every month and with the help of other people I keep getting the image perfected so you, the public, can have the opportunity to see how it all came together during the Clayton Moore years on television and in the two featured films.

This is why the news media has written about me as being the ONLY authentic looking Lone Ranger and Silver touring the USA. A level no other impersonator has achieved. I take pride in being able to present this, and nothing less than this, to you the public.

It is not just acting the part with a make shift costume. It is doing it with dedication to the character with an authentic costume, with a genuine white horse that has been trained to do certain tricks dressed to the exact look of the original horse and then presenting the character to the public in the style and appearance of Clayton Moore.

My second reason is to present this complete image to the younger generation. Letting them know that it is possible to be a good person in life and not use violence, drugs, smoking, drinking or profanity.

Mystique, as in who is that masked man, intrigue and excitement with the guidance of God is how I have delivered this character to more than 7 million adults and kids.

It has not been easy and I have done what no one else has done in appearances and shows since I started my tribute in 2005 to The Lone Ranger and Clayton Moore.

It is because of the support of good people like you and with the help of God that I have been able to travel and be accepted. I have enjoyed meeting and talking with so many people.

So if you know of any events in your area and you would like to see me and Silver, call them and ask the event to have us appear. I have an appearance request page on my website - www.TheLoneRanger.tv - get them to go there to request an appearance.

It is inevitable that one day my venture will end. But until then I will continue to bring honor and respect to character of The Lone Ranger as well as to those who were behind the scenes creating it.

Thanks to all of you and here is one of my new promotional photos that will soon be used.

May God continue to shine his blessing on you so that someday we may have the opportunity to meet.

It is my hope that what I am doing will help the spirit and legend of The Lone Ranger and his white horse Silver, be remembered by those of us that grew up with him.

Hopefully, with your help, I can reintroduce this American icon to todays kids, the younger generation.

All of my shows end with special music which is a Tribute to our Country and to our Veterans who have fought in wars and to those who have given their life in order to make the USA a great Country in which to live.

Click here to see one of my meet and greet videos

Click here to see a short Parade clip taken by a spectator

I was honored by John Hart who replaced Clayton Moore for two years in The Lone Ranger television series, who sent me, one year before he died, one of his personal silver bullets.

I believe this was John's way of showing approval of my Lone Ranger endeavor. This to me is a great honor to have received this silver bullet from a Lone Ranger original actor and is something that no other look-alike Lone Ranger and Silver has ever received.

Everyone always asks, especially the news media, what is your name? I think the ending of one of the TV episodes answers this question quite well between a Sheriff and his Deputy.

Sheriff: "There goes one of the most remarkable men the world has ever known".

Deputy: "Do you have any idea who he really is"?

Sheriff: "No, and I don't think that's important. It's enough to know that he is THE

So please don't ask, "what is your name", at my appearances, because I do not do this for personal rewards.My personal identity is not important. Anyone that asks me that question immediately reveals that they probably do not know about The Lone Ranger and that his identity is to be keep secret.

It is the legacy of The Lone Ranger that is important to me and to those who grew up with him during the 1950's.

I let everyone know that I am not the real Lone Ranger. No one could ever be The Lone Ranger like Clayton Moore. He was a great man that lived by the code of The Lone Ranger even in his personal life. I do this to help people remember the good old cowboy days of yesteryear and of course The Lone Ranger and Silver.

People are always coming up to me and saying, “you were my hero when I was growing up”. I say “thank you” to them and ask that they always keep The Lone Range spirit in their hearts.

I am amazed that people treat me as though I am the actual Lone Ranger. This shows me just how strong an influence he was in their childhood and they desperately want to hold on to that memory.

When the kids see me they immediately want to pet my horse. Then they ask their parent, who is the man with the mask? I then tell the parent that they have some explaining to do tonight about The Lone Ranger and Silver. Actually they should get the DVD for the kids, from us, that explains about the beginning history of The Lone Ranger. It was the first 1 hour long episode on TV.

I have met a lot of nice people. Women come up and give me hugs. Folks tell me about how they enjoyed The Lone Ranger when they were little, and some tell me about their experience of actually meeting Clayton Moore.

I will do speaking engagements and appearances with out Silver on request.

Most of all I am surprised at the number of kids that try to dress like The Lone Ranger when they know I am coming to their town.

I believe that everyone has within themselves the power to help make this a better world and I want to convey that message to our children. No where in the pages of history can one find a greater champion of justice, than The Lone Ranger.

My adventure began when I drove to Oatman / Kingman, Arizona. While there I became revived in spirit with the old days of yesteryear Cowboys after visiting several ghost towns.

I have been making appearances in parades, private parties, shopping malls, business events, small town festivals, County and State fairs, charities, commercials and other honorable events dressed like The Lone Ranger with my white horse Silver. No event is too big or too small.

The news media has described me as being "the only authentic original looking Lone Ranger and Silver in the Country". This to me, is a great honor and one in which I take great pride in being able to accomplish. This makes my shows and parade appearances very unique and a once in a lifetime opportunity for those who get to see me and Silver.

I have a nice black and white horse trailer lettered with Silver’s name and a sound system on top so we can play the William Tell Overture. It also doubles as my sound effects system at events so the crowds can hear my presentation.

I located special people across the Country to help me assemble an authentic costume like the one Clayton Moore use to wear. Today I special order my own material and all my suites are custom made to almost original specifications.

I always try to give special attention to any man, woman or child that is handicapped. It is really heart warming and a real pleasure for me to brighten up their day and see them smile.

Every where I go people get excited and are always grabbing their cameras and cell phones to take pictures.

At every event we do allow the fans to take pictures. If someone wants a picture and does not have a camera my assistant will take the picture and print it for them right there and I will autograph it for them. For this we do ask for a small donation to cover our costs.

It has taken a lot of time and effort to get everything together and far more expensive than I had expected.

The boots, silver guns, holster, gun belt, scarf, hat, gloves and the silver bullets have all been specially made for authenticity.

No one wants to see a degrading Lone Ranger and Silver, therefore authenticity to show everyone is extremely important to me.

Locating my white horse Silver was quite a challenge. He is 17 hands tall, is a gaited horse, is almost identical in looks to the original Silver, has been trained to allow me to shoot my gun while riding and will do some basic tricks, one of which is rearing.

When conditions are conducive, at shows and Parades, seeing this big white horse stand on his rear legs always receives a big applause from the crowd.

The silver saddle, serapes, breast collar, bridle, and tapaderas are very costly as they were made by the well know saddle maker, Ted Flowers in 1957. It took over a year to get Silver outfitted to the style of the original Silver. Today we have 2 of Ted Flowers silver saddle outfits. The type of event determines which style of saddle we will use.

Flowers made some of saddles for the famous cowboys in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Not many of these original silver saddles are around today from that cowboy era. They are very valuable and highly sought after by collectors. Only about 392 of them are around and are owned by museums and collectors.

My saddles have been used in various events; the Rose's Parade, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, both in California, the Labor Day Parade in Greenbelt, Maryland, in both the Columbus Day Parade and the Mayor's Annual Christmas Parade, in Baltimore, Maryland and in both the Boy Scouts of American Centennial Parade and the July 4th Parade, in Washington, DC, to name just a few.

To the children or the younger generation I promote gun safety, and tell them that Faith is the answer. Faith in yourself and Faith in something much bigger than yourself. Faith allows you to act, to do something, to do anything - even if it is wrong the first time at least you gave it a try. It all comes down to one basic principal, a positive "Attitude" and "Faith" in yourself..

I also explain to these kids that The Lone Ranger does not shoot to kill, use profanity, drink alcohol, use drugs or smoke. That he was once a Texas Ranger and was found by Tonto, an Indian, after being left for dead in an ambush. He then became The Lone Ranger.

At events and festivals where space is available I shoot balloons and by special requests my assistant will also flip coins in the air for me to shoot. These coins with a hole in them are souvenirs for the fans. Yes, sometimes I do miss.

One of the most asked questions I get is, where is Tonto. Since no one has come forward wanting to join me and appear like Tonto, my reply is that Tonto is on assignment in either Tombstone, Arizona or Del Rio, Texas.

Clayton Moore, was to me, the real Lone Ranger and passed away December 28, 1999, but left us with the legacy of a lawman that always shot to wound, not to kill, and never sought personal rewards for his good deeds.

Silver and I are available to appear anywhere in the USA, for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, holiday parties, business promotions, charity events, church functions, nursing homes, schools, State and County festivals, parades, videos, western events, commercials and any other honorable events. See "How To Book" for more information.

If you have seen any of my shows I welcome your comments by going to the "Contact Us" page. Your comments allows me to know what you as an audience like and dislike so I can work to make the shows more entertaining.

May God always shine his blessings on you,
Garry Cherricks / The Lone Ranger

"Todays most authentic original looking Lone Ranger and Silver in the Country"

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