My Horse, Silver

Here is Silver #2

DOB March 27, 2001 is a gelding 16 hands Tennessee Walker.

The standards were very rigid and he has filled the goal of almost duplicating the
original Lone Ranger's Silver.
Silver 2 in Parade training
First night time Christmas Parade
Nov 26, 2012
Lone Ranger

October 28, 2017 - Football game Half-time show at BASD stadium in Bethlehem, PA

Do a good deed -

Contact and thank these special people and businesses who contributed to part of the cost and expense for me to get Silver 2 on August 15, 2012. Without their help I could not have gotten him. May God continue to shine his blessing on all of them.
Manufacturer of Joint supplements
Tara Cullen
Thomas Reed
Movie Producer and
casting agent
Irvine, CA
c/o Michele Varga
41 S. Cleveland Ave
Mogadore, OH
(330) 628-0139
Allstate Agent
331 W. Main St
Lebanon, VA
(276) 415-9480
Eileen Roys
The Lone Ranger Fan Club
Member #132
Stevensville, MD
The Road Crew Volunteered
their time
* Kitty Todd
* Dakota Shores
* Doc Briggs

I look forward to touring across the USA with Silver 2 to see all of my fans and friends.

Thanks to everyone for your support


Farwell to Silver 1

Listen to Garry's Tribute Song to Silver #1

1989 - 5/20/2012

Silver was big, strong and tall yet at the same time gentle and kind to all the kids he met.

Listen to Garry's (Lone Ranger) Tribute Farwell Song to Silver 1
To our Fans and Supporters -

We have been sadden by the loss of Silver and it has taken a severe impact on Lone.

On 7:30pm Saturday night May 19th, 2012 Lone had Silver grazing at a neighbors property across the street from where he lives. Silver liked their tall grass and had grazed there frequently for the past two years.

Suddenly Silver made about 10 quick steps forward (usual for Silver to have done this and there is no explanation as to why) which put him on a blacktop surface and he slipped down.

The black top was it appears usually smooth, Silver attempted to get up and slipped down again falling on his opposite side. Lone rushed to him, consoling Silver and calming him. Several more times Silver attempted to get up each time his hooves slipped on the blacktop.

About 8:15 pm Lone calls the Vet for assistant and help. He arrives at about 9pm gives Silver pain medication, should there be any pain, so he can once again try to get up.

The State Police and Fire Company are called to see if they have or have had any experience in raising a horse to his feet. They arrive to help but have no experience or knowledge that can help.

With the Vets help Silver tries gallantly to stand, gets about two thirds up and falls again which is now about his 12th attempt. Silver being 23 years of age is exhausted from trying to stand. The recommendation from the Vet is to let him rest, regain some strength and try to make an attempt to get him up later.

Both Lone and the Vet know that Silver's down time is entering the critical stage, but Silver's spirit is good and his heart is strong. This horse needs every opportunity possible to get to his feet.

Lone stays with Silver consoling him through the night and Silver on his own makes several more attempts to rise.

At 4am Silver is now beginning to become weaker, raising only his head looking at his hind quarters occasionally and lying flat out.

At 5pm, Lone in disbelief of this sudden down fall of his great steed, which has pleased so many kids and adults through out the U.S.A., and is so close to the likeness of the original Silver, makes a call to the Vet.

The Vet arrives and it is determined that Silver will not be able to rise, is exhausted, and is nearing the possibility of going into shock.

The County Sheriff's Department, the local Fire Department, and close friends are there to assist the Vet if needed and they park their vehicles along the road so that other vehicles passing by, especially with young kids, will not see this magnificent horse in this condition.

Lone asks everyone to step back away from Silver. Lone and Silver are together. Lone talks and consoles Silver who has been his best friend and partner, then motions to the Vet to do what is necessary. While Lone holds Silver's head in his lap, Silver passes with the Dignity and Pride he deserves.

In respect the road was closed to traffic by the Police so that no one could view Silver being taken away.

We will be doing a memorial head stone for Silver. Lone as you might imagine is devastated by the loss of Silver. He personally took care of this horse every day and they were inseparable on and off the road playing, exercising and being buddies. He is experiencing this loss the same as if it were a child or a spouse.

It is to soon to know if Lone will continue as The Lone Ranger. However I think it is doubtful that he will without Silver. He always wanted this beautiful horse to be the focal point of their appearances as The Lone Ranger and Silver.

Maybe with the support of fans, event promoters and close friends he might consider continuing.

Anyone wanting to send a message, a card or anything which you think will help Lone, can do so by sending it to:

Silver & TLR
PO Box 1253
Salisbury, MD 21802


Tex Holland
Executive Director for
and Booking Agent for

I was very fortunate to have located such a magnificent horse.

This beautiful white horse took me over a year of searching to find. As a matter of fact I had almost given up......but then........when I wasn't even looking.....a friend called me and said "I saw a white horse that might be for sale". I had to travel to see him.......then......there he was.....I knew at that very moment when I saw him looking at me and me at him...... that he was the horse I was looking for......and now you get to see him.... and behold his beauty.

The standards were very rigid and he has filled the goal of almost duplicating the original Lone Ranger's Silver.

Here are some of the requirements I felt were necessary:

  • He must be totally white
  • He had to be large
  • Needed to walk with pride in himself
  • Long white forehead hair
  • A mane that was white and long
  • A white tail, full of hair reaching to the ground
  • Natural hooves - not black
  • A loving nature and calm disposition
  • Willingness to accept being trained for gun shooting
  • Ability to be trained to do tricks
  • Ability to rear on command
  • Kid friendly

My Silver has meet every one of these requirements and has adapted quite well to the life of being a Lone Ranger's horse. Yes, we spoil him with attention and treats.

We do not allow the public to ride on Silver. Only myself and his trainer rides him. This is done for safety to the public and for Silver. He is trained to do certain tricks on que and someone could accidently trigger one of these ques and have a problem. Also for the safety of our saddle and tack which are very rare real classic silver western show items and must be handled carefully.

Here is some information to questions that I am often asked about Silver at shows:

  1. He is a gaited walker
  2. He is a gelding (male)
  3. 17.2 hands tall
  4. Age 20 (as of 12-19-2009)
  5. Trained to do basic tricks
  6. Will rear on command
  7. Kid friendly - Loves attention
  8. Natural hooves
  9. Does not spook from gun shooting
  10. His real name is Silver, also sometimes I call him "Big Fella"

As gentle as he is we also are very cautious, as should anyone around a horse, when we are with him. Horses have instincts and you have to learn their nature as to likes and dislikes.

So always be careful, never walk behind any horse. It is easy for us to be hurt by a horse that is doing what is natural to him.

Most people are hurt around horses because they do not understand that horses have natural instincts as well as likes and dislikes. This is human error and they do not understand the nature of the horse.

We are always concerned about the safety of everyone at our shows and also about the safety of Silver as he is very important to our organization.

Silver 1 gave 100%, everything he could to please the kids and audience to the end.

This Fansite is a hobby that I operate on a non-profit basis.