The Show

This Fansite is a hobby that I operate on a non-profit basis.

We can tailor any show or create a special show set-up just for you. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we will create a show for your ocassion.

For most events we have a set show routine complete with sound effects and some tricks involving the audience.

The following is an overview of shows at State and County Fairs and Expos.
  • Presentation (re-enactment narration) telling about the history of the Lone Ranger and Silver.
  • Explanation about the true western silver saddle
  • Allowing people to take picture
  • Gun safety to the kids
  • Pictures with kids and adults with him and Silver printed and autographed by TLR
  • Guns shooting demonstration
  • Trick shooting coins for the kids and adults
  • Two adult volunteers for gun shooting tricks
  • Time for kids to pet Silver
  • Trivia Q&A session - correct answers recieve a Lone Ranger Deputy Badge
  • Special attention to the handicap
  • Lone Ranger style gun twirlin'
  • Tricks by Silver
  • Explaining the history of the real horse Silver
  • Talking about how similar his horse is to the original Silver
  • A 5 minute Tribute with music to our Country and to the Veterans
  • Optional - If you would like for TLR to walk/ride Silver out in the event area to mingle with the crowd we will need to know in advance. Usually people and kids crowd around him several rows deep, so he will need an additional assistant provided by you for crowd supervisiion.

All of the above are not done at every show. For more specific information about our show types refer to the "How to Book" page.

He is also available for a Parade only event with his horse or he can do a speaking engagement for your group, business or Church.

You get a professional "Tribute Performer" doing the only educational western show for the kids in the Country honoring a Classic American Cowboy from the days of yesteryear, The Lone Ranger and Silver.